Promise to Pay

by Circle Back

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released October 31, 2014

.promise to pay.

Written by:

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by D.Pelletier @ Studio Deer Head
Recorded in July and December 2013, and February 2014
Produced by Circle Back
Deer Head Family 2014



all rights reserved


Circle Back Charleston, South Carolina

Holy City Hardcore


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Track Name: Intro/Circle Back
Track Name: Promise to Pay
Promise to Pay. The choice is mine. The outcome of regret. You wont go away. (No) I won't hold back this time. It's been a lifetime of shielding the truth. Never ending, lifeless, locked in the lies. Holding the key to rectify my life. No more lies. Live everyday. No more lies live life. Promise to pay (GO). I want it all and I promise to pay.
Track Name: The Path
No one else will find you. Nothing can escape. You walk this endless road. Motionless in the night. No one can see. Hidden away in the darkness. Alone in thought. No one can see your dreams, your goals, your choices. Stand firm. You decide what's right. Take a chance on yourself. You decide and no one else. Your dreams, your goals, your choices. No one else. Nothing can escape. It's your life and only you decide. I'll make the choice for me.
Track Name: Will to Live
Why does it take so many times to get it right and keep it? The constant fight to clear my throat and show all of my heart. I try, I fail. The waste of time is useless. I try, I fail the waste of time is careless. The will to live always pushing back by the strength of our attack. My heart is pure the walls are tearing. My heart is pure the walls are tearing down. It's time to make my move. It's time to show them all. It's time to earn respect and show my true penance. I want to be the one that learns from it. Never looking back to what it used to be. Live right, love right, do right, serve right, break the chain. It's time to earn respect and show my true penance.
Track Name: Suffer or Survive
Spewing bile. The hate remains. The throne of distrust. No one ever leaves. Spewing Bile. Venom sits upon their tongues. Dragging heavy chains. Monumental weight. One that suffocates. One that pollutes minds. One that serves no purpose. One that never ends. I used to be one of them. Used to have broken dreams. No love, no trust. Live on my knees. And I opened up my hands. I cleared my mind. Pushed it forward. Off the cliff. Spewing bile no more. I feel you bleed. I feel your suffering. Now it's mine. It's not about me this time. Break the cycle. Suffer or Survive.
Track Name: Tears of the Innocent
I wont hold back the pain inside. Innocent creatures alone to die. Will we take a stand. Together as humans. I won't stand for ignorance. I won't stand for abuse. I look in your eyes and see what hate can do. You are my best friend. The one who will never judge. The tears in your eyes for the ones who have passed. Tears of pain. Tears of solitude. Tears of neglect. Tears of innocence. The tears of the innocent rain down on me.
Track Name: Our Time
I walk these floors alone. Fear aside. Open eyes. Waiting for my chance to sing. For the ones who have stayed true. This is for you. Stay true. Never change who you are. Never change your own outlook. It's better to be alone then to follow all of the rest. I have seen it all. This is not my first time. Countless groups, closed minds. This music is for all of us. For the ones who party all night. This is for you. Stay true. This is not a fashion show. It's not your high school. Stand together. Unite. We are on in this fight. It's our time. It's all on us. Together as one. Standing strong we won. Never change who you are. Never change your beliefs. Just respect the floor as one. We are all the same.