Devour The Negative

by Circle Back

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Recorded in February 2015 by Dan Pelletier at Deer Head Studios in Cleveland, Ohio.
Vocals recorded March 2015 by Thomas O'Brien at Hybrid Audio Solutions in Charleston, SC

Mix/Master by Deer Head Studios

Produced by Circle Back


released August 13, 2015

Devour The Negative:
Written by:
Cutler Desjarlais
John Marino (BMI)
Dan Pelletier

Gang Vocals by:
Joshua King
Dan Pelletier
Nathan Beaty (BMI)
Katie Fairbanks



all rights reserved


Circle Back Charleston, South Carolina

Holy City Hardcore


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Track Name: Great Evils, Great Remedies
This life is meant for me. A chance to learn, change and grow. With every challenge a new experience awaits. A remedy to all of my failures. A test to all the outside evils. Hope renews now. Innocence was lost last week. Fractures are a thing of the past. Forward motion on my mind. Great evils, great remedies. No one ever can take away whats mine. No one ever can take a way what is my own. No one.
Track Name: Choke
Fractured allies. Life in disguise. I can't wait to see you choke. Broken pieces fade away. Time lost, friendship fades. I can't believe the way it went. You were always there to show the light. Don't fade away. Lost in lies. Don't fade away in your lies. Fractured allies. Life in disguise. I can't wait to see you choke. Is it over? Is this the end? Fractured ally I can't wait to see you choke.
Track Name: Combat Wounds
Kill your perception. That life is always scratching and clawing at your wounds. Everyday I wake up. To the smell of bitter perfume. And my body goes back to constantly gagging. Over a subtle fate. Consumed in a world of misery. Drowning in all of this hate. Help me this time. To strain my mind. Down to the wire. I'll keep holding on. Down to the wire. Thankful for life. Down to the wire. Through the darkest nights. The candle still burns. But fate's jaws are locking tight. Surrounding me as I gasp for air. The final moments of clarity fade away. Leave the light on.
Track Name: Devour The Negative
I have waited too long to fight the demons inside. And to take a stand against this way of life. I will destroy this weakness. Now, and face the truth. Destroy. Devour. Engage. Empower.
Track Name: Eradication Files
Control your mind. Is this the turning point? Is this our hope? The time to turn it over and erase the past. The time to renew the feeling and to start pushing forward. The time to change is now. Pressure mounts. Gotta fight it. Control your mind. Let it go. I will move on. I will make the change.